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Privacy Policy

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EuCNC collects personal information from participants, on the strict basis of collecting only data required for registration purposes.  These data are not given to third parties, and are used solely for the purposes of the conference series organisation.

EuCNC collects general photos and videos of participants during the conference, for dissemination purposes, posting these photos and videos at the conference public website and on the conference’s social media channels, as well as in conference press materials published online or in print.

EuCNC is a conference organised under the European Union’s guidelines on protection of personal data, namely concerning:

  • the “right to be forgotten” – a participant can request the conference organisers to delete his/her information after the conference has finished;
  • easy access to one’s data – a participant can request from the conference organisers a copy of his/her information;
  • the right to know when one’s data has been hacked – conference organisers commit to inform participants in the eventual case of data being hacked by someone;
  • data protection by design and by default – files with participants’ data are stored in secured computers, and the usual secure access procedures are followed.

Contact: eucnc2019@viajeseci.es

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